Aww yeahhhhh
Oh man, I just got to that scene close to the end where Dan attacks Adrian in his ice castle and he doesn’t defend himself so Dan just keeps punching him and he’s all sweaty and disheveled and Adrian is all bloody and  … brb, bunk time, lol.
My friend I saw it with kept getting pissed off because I had seen Hard Candy a couple of days before and kept calling him the paedophile hahahahhahaha. He is pretty much perfect tho, I will give you that. Always wanted to find Adrian/Dan fic, mmm
Ohhhh, man. I don’t read fic, but that mental image is going into my spank folder for sure. 

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I literally just read that part over dinner. Not as sexy in the book, Patrick Wilson > graphic novel Nite Owl

Oh, nuts! That you were reading it at the same time I was watching it, I mean. I haven’t watched it in months and just got a hankering for it. I keep wanting to get the graphic novel but every time I’m in a book store I forget. 

But yeah, I’ve said it before, Dan/Nite Owl is the perfect superhero - looks like a total dork out of the suit, but once he puts it on, hot DAYUM boy, he is fucking hot.

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God isn’t he just so HANDSOME tho?

Ohh, oui! Very handsome!

Also I think he was in some super cheesy French spy movies, my bff lived in France for about 3 years and was like wtf when I was flailing over the trailer for The Artist.

Is that the movie he’s gotten so much publicity for? I haven’t even seen a trailer because I don’t have TV and only shitty and infrequent internet. 

He looks really familiar though, I wonder if I’ve seen him in something French before (maybe in Germany or something). 

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shiiiit fuck the milk just drink the baileys.

Oh I’ve already been swigging it straight out of the bottle all night. /klassy broad right here

My husband said: “Please don’t develop an alcohol problem now you’re out of work.” What does he mean, develop?

Ew; not cool. the occasional bite? okay I can forgive, but constant? EEEEWWWWW

 Every. Single. Bite. And then they *sluuuuuuuurrrrrrp* their tea. It makes me want to puke.

how’s the 2-year train experiment going?

Eeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, yeah.

@Hannah, I hope so too. Alex keeps joking that it already feels like home, but I’m an easily irritated person (I’ve worked on it! I’m tons better than I was ten years ago. I don’t throw things anymore.) and being so close physically and emotionally stresses me out big time. 

@Tara, the puppy is so stinking cute I can’t take it! I’m going to sound like a monster here for a second but that dog is cuter than my kid was as a baby. The baby phase was mostly tears, frustration and no sleep peppered with small, adorable mile stones, but this dog does something cute and funny every day! He already knows ‘sit’, it only took him three treats to understand, and he’s learning other commands at lightning speed too. He only listens to me when I say ‘no bite’ though, he won’t touch me with his teeth anymore, but other people are fair game, especially little kids, which he seems to think are large squeaky toys. Yeah, best decision in a long time to get that little dude. He calms me down, despite occasionally leaving a turd on my floor. 

@Zerra, I miss you too :(. I can’t remember my AIM password, or I’d put it on my phone. I’ll have to dig up my old laptop that doesn’t work without the cable anymore and look it up. 

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I love the circus. Ever since I was a little kid Ive loved the circus. RBBB is my favorite.

Well, hey, if we come to your corner you should let me know and you can come visit! I honestly don’t know where we’re going yet, apart from Orlando in a few weeks… nobody tells me anything! We’re in the blue unit though, so keep an eye out for us :).

spock-variety-hour replied to your photo
sleeping better then?
Oh yeah, I got him some glow-in-the-dark, plastic stars to stick to his ceiling because his excuse for coming down was “I’m scared of the dark!”. Blew that one out of the water, HA! Now he just does his usual complaining, roll-around-in-the-dark for half an hour dance before he passes out. 

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@Anna   Thanks, but it totally won’t :D. Living with so many people in such close quarters never goes well, but it’ll be interesting for sure.

@Danny   Lol, gawd. It’s actually really quiet here right now because most people haven’t arrived yet. In a few weeks I’ll be murderous about all the noise, Ozzy or no Ozzy.

@Zerra   He’s on an emotional teeter-totter. He’s super happy to be back with his dad, excited about being in a new place, but also pretty stressed out about the change. He has yet to sleep in his own bed! Both nights he started crying and needed to be brought down to sleep with me :/ In the next few days/weeks he’ll also have to adjust to going to ‘school’ and being with lots of other kids, we’ll see how he’ll take it. 

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chaiitii replied to your photo: I’m thinking of cutting my hair off - yay/nay?…

You’re NOT fat! But if you decide to cut your hair, think about getting bangs, I have asymetric bangs to make my face look less round.

Well, ok, fine, I’m not fat, but I’m fatter than I was before the kid and I’m still not used to it even though it’s been almost five years. And obviously I’m also not pissed off about it enough to do anything to change it, oops. 

 cinnamon-lady24 replied to your photo: I’m thinking of cutting my hair off - yay/nay?…

I think you would look really cute with short hair. :)
Yay, thanks :3. I’m quite set on the style already (the one I had up on facebook) and I hope I can get it done this week or next week at the latest.


Taken with instagram
Lily, I’ve wanting to show this to you for some time now but I always forgot ^^I bought an owl necklace in London =D

I actually have one too, believe it or not.

Don’t ask me why though. Apart from not liking owls, I also never wear necklaces. 


Taken with instagram

Lily, I’ve wanting to show this to you for some time now but I always forgot ^^I bought an owl necklace in London =D

I actually have one too, believe it or not.

Don’t ask me why though. Apart from not liking owls, I also never wear necklaces. 

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 blueyear replied to your post: Getting a leeetle tired of owls now

I like to objectify the Trouser Snake.


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blueyear replied to your photo: Holy crap, I got really tan last summer! No…

105 would be lovely.. it’s like 125 -130 here in the summer. No joke. I want to die.

Are you serious???? I was contemplating drowning myself in the creek at 105. I’d be completely useless at 130. The sucky thing was that we didn’t even a/c, and I didn’t buy a fan until the end of July!! 

miscplinks replied to your post:I think you’re one of the very few persons I’ve met online that I have more than one interest in common with. *lol*

Same here. Count me positively surprised.^^ Any other internet platforms I still have to stumble upon you? Fandom related lj&dreamwidth would come to mind, for example

I do have lj but I never, ever use it … I don’t even remember my signin name there. I’m pretty much just on here and on twitter (same name). Oh, I’m on flickr (malesya) but I want to get a good camera so I can start taking more pictures. 

I’m on deviantart (olesja) but I haven’t uploaded anything in a long while. 

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