spockvarietyhour said: Young Guns, another of those movies I need to see (I saw bits and pieces). Bon Jovi *shrug* Rush, Queen Genesis, AC/DC is what I grew up on. One of the best albums of my youth remains to this day Offspring: Smash

I don’t disagree, I love all those bands too. Smash is one of the best albums ever. I guess I just have a special spot in my heart for Bon Jovi. I just love the fact that they’ve been together for so long in pretty much their original configuration. I don’t know, I just have a lot of Bon Jovi feelings!

And Young Guns is an awesome movie with an awesome cast. It’s just weird enough to be interesting, I think, with enough funny bits to make it not boring weird but great weird. Watch it!

spockvarietyhour said: good music. well never a fan of Hotel California. Much prefer of One of these Nights. And pass on Bon Jovi.

I … what … *sputters*. I freaking hero-worship Jon Bon Jovi. I know, nobody knows because I never post any Bon Jovi stuff but they were my first big musical love and I still love them and Jon is an A+ human being and Richie Sambora was my first proper celebrity crush. (And my first experience with crush-induced jealousy. God, how I hated that Heather Locklear bitch.)

Young Guns is also one of my all-time favorite movies so that’s one of the reasons I picked that song.

So. Yeah. I’m just gonna ignore you and your misinformed Bon Jovi opinion.

infauxmercial said: yessss a very good list A+

Thank you :D

cerseisgoldencunt said: I made it about a week doing this.

I made it another two hours today before I switched it to something else, lol. I’ll be back at it tomorrow, I’m sure.

thisgreeneyedmonster said: You can’t be blind and wipe your own ass?

Of course they can, would be weird if they couldn’t, question is, how good of a job do they do, huh? Like at least once a month this question comes up on reddit - How do blind people know they’re done wiping? And apparently you can do the ‘stickiness test’, where you fold the paper after wiping to see if it’s still sticky and if it isn’t, you’re done. Or just use wet wipes. I think if I were to go blind I’d have a bidet installed for sure. 

spockvarietyhour said: That’s what offsprings are for

Damn right. They owe us for wiping *their* butts!

pilbobaggins said: it’s like the worst hp fanfic ever. (ok maybe not the worst we will reserve that title for my immortal but it is close!!!)

Right?? Wtf JK?? 

And good god, My Immortal, I’ve completely blocked that shit out until now!! I don’t even read fanfiction anymore but I used to back then and gaaaahhhhhhh whyyyyyyy

oscarwildething said: I…. apparently missed this one. I feel like I shouldn’t have?

It was the episode where he got shot? And then hallucinated the whole thing? He shows the patient how the robot works on Cameron and lifts up her shirt a bit with it and cuts off a button.

thisgreeneyedmonster said: Hugh Laurie doing anything is sexy to me but there are just moments when he is kind of serious but House-y and ugh

It just amazes me how he goes from Prince George on Blackadder to House. Man has range (and a great voice, I love his music).

thisgreeneyedmonster said: Can we just start a hook up train?

This is a genius idea. Let’s join hands, start a love train!

skipping2hell said: Sluts have all the Fun!

Damn right!

infauxmercial said: I always wonder if and how much my neighbor can hear us… oops.

Can you hear them? I can hear my neighbor (just the upstairs one) walk around, go to the bathroom, take a shower, listen to music, and if it’s very quiet, I can hear him turn around in bed. So if you can hear your neighbors do any of that, then yeah, they can hear you have sex. 

cinnamon-lady24 said: Ask if they’ve ever considered a third party candidate.

You know, I always thought I’d be into hot, young studs, but this is like the third of fourth Navy kid I had living above me and they are just … they’re children. Honestly. I guess since I have a son, even if he is only seven, it’s weird for me to consider boys who are only barely allowed to drink having … doing things with their wieners. I stick to old dudes, thanks.

Aww yeahhhhh
Oh man, I just got to that scene close to the end where Dan attacks Adrian in his ice castle and he doesn’t defend himself so Dan just keeps punching him and he’s all sweaty and disheveled and Adrian is all bloody and  … brb, bunk time, lol.
My friend I saw it with kept getting pissed off because I had seen Hard Candy a couple of days before and kept calling him the paedophile hahahahhahaha. He is pretty much perfect tho, I will give you that. Always wanted to find Adrian/Dan fic, mmm
Ohhhh, man. I don’t read fic, but that mental image is going into my spank folder for sure. 

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I literally just read that part over dinner. Not as sexy in the book, Patrick Wilson > graphic novel Nite Owl

Oh, nuts! That you were reading it at the same time I was watching it, I mean. I haven’t watched it in months and just got a hankering for it. I keep wanting to get the graphic novel but every time I’m in a book store I forget. 

But yeah, I’ve said it before, Dan/Nite Owl is the perfect superhero - looks like a total dork out of the suit, but once he puts it on, hot DAYUM boy, he is fucking hot.

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God isn’t he just so HANDSOME tho?

Ohh, oui! Very handsome!

Also I think he was in some super cheesy French spy movies, my bff lived in France for about 3 years and was like wtf when I was flailing over the trailer for The Artist.

Is that the movie he’s gotten so much publicity for? I haven’t even seen a trailer because I don’t have TV and only shitty and infrequent internet. 

He looks really familiar though, I wonder if I’ve seen him in something French before (maybe in Germany or something). 

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shiiiit fuck the milk just drink the baileys.

Oh I’ve already been swigging it straight out of the bottle all night. /klassy broad right here

My husband said: “Please don’t develop an alcohol problem now you’re out of work.” What does he mean, develop?

Ew; not cool. the occasional bite? okay I can forgive, but constant? EEEEWWWWW

 Every. Single. Bite. And then they *sluuuuuuuurrrrrrp* their tea. It makes me want to puke.

how’s the 2-year train experiment going?

Eeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, yeah.

@Hannah, I hope so too. Alex keeps joking that it already feels like home, but I’m an easily irritated person (I’ve worked on it! I’m tons better than I was ten years ago. I don’t throw things anymore.) and being so close physically and emotionally stresses me out big time. 

@Tara, the puppy is so stinking cute I can’t take it! I’m going to sound like a monster here for a second but that dog is cuter than my kid was as a baby. The baby phase was mostly tears, frustration and no sleep peppered with small, adorable mile stones, but this dog does something cute and funny every day! He already knows ‘sit’, it only took him three treats to understand, and he’s learning other commands at lightning speed too. He only listens to me when I say ‘no bite’ though, he won’t touch me with his teeth anymore, but other people are fair game, especially little kids, which he seems to think are large squeaky toys. Yeah, best decision in a long time to get that little dude. He calms me down, despite occasionally leaving a turd on my floor. 

@Zerra, I miss you too :(. I can’t remember my AIM password, or I’d put it on my phone. I’ll have to dig up my old laptop that doesn’t work without the cable anymore and look it up. 

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