I tend to whine about change, but fact is, I adapt incredibly fast. I’ve been in Tampa for 36 hours now and  the train now feels like home. The most shocking thing upon stepping out of the airport was mainly the heat, I don’t deal well with heat and humidity and despite it being winter, Florida still has plenty of both. It’s very odd to have the sun go down at  6pm but it still be warm enough to sit outside in a t-shirt. 

The train and our little part of it doesn’t seem so bad due to my patented method of expecting the absolute worst. Our new home consist of two tiny rooms. A living area that holds a bed that converts into two benches and a table and a bunk bed that is barely wide enough for the five-year-old who is supposed to be sleeping in it. Across from the lower bed is a ‘kitchenette’ consisting of a little fridge that is surprisingly quiet, a stove top with two burners, a little sink, a mini-microwave (do you notice a pattern?), and lots of little cabinets. Then there is also a bathroom with a bio-toilet and a shower barely big enough to hold a fully grown person (I honestly have no idea how my husband, who is a *huge* man, even gets in it). 

Amazingly enough, everything is very clean and still new-looking. I was expecting much dirtier. Pretty much every surface seems to be made out of the same molded plastic material which is easy to wipe down. Makes life pretty easy in that department! 

So overall I’m not appalled enough to just turn around and board the next flight back to Seattle, and hopefully we can make the best of this interesting situation and have some fun. I’ll keep you all updated!