For all you campers out there, the BioLite CampStove offers a pretty compelling cooking and energy solution. Using only biomass (mostly small twigs) and a clean-burning design that substantially reduces smoke and carbon monoxide emissions, the CampStove also generates electricity to power small electronics by converting some of the heat generated.

Although not completely environmentally-friendly - it’s still a fire after all - the CampStove eliminates the need for conventional oil-based fuel canisters, which also reduces the amount of waste generated. It offers a completely on-demand solution and the biomass it burns is a renewable resource (although it takes some time to grow). Want some more good news? There’s a grilling accessory available, so you can now barbeque anywhere you go. The CampStove currently retails for $130 (the optional grill is an extra $60).

BioLite also offers a slightly larger stove called the HomeStove, which is designed for use in developing countries where open wood fires are still used for cooking (apparently causing over 4 million premature deaths a year). It offers a claimed 50% reduction in wood consumed (due to it’s clean-burning design), a 94% reduction in smoke, a 91% reduction in carbon monoxide emissions and it also “nearly eliminates” black carbon (soot). The HomeStove is not actually for sale - instead, some of the proceeds from sales of the CampStove helps “fund the initial costs to build and support the HomeStove market abroad”.

Disclaimer: I haven’t actually used a BioLite stove before, although I’ve heard overwhelmingly positive reviews on them. It definitely sounds like a good solution to an actual problem, and while it doesn’t eliminate emissions entirely it’s clearly a step in the right direction. I’m particularly impressed with their work in rolling out the HomeStove in developing markets, and it’s a cause I think really deserves support. So if you’re a camper or just preparing for a potential zombie apocalypse, considering taking a look at the CampStove!

Just the other day I stumbled upon a video explaining just how bad for you wood smoke is. Surprise, surprise, I have a fireplace in my house. Guess I won’t be using that this winter. This is a great idea for a real and large health and environmental issue.

(via walkslikethunder)

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shave like a real man