I didn’t go anywhere today and didn’t even walk the dogs because it was *pouring* out but now I feel so restless and angry!! I can’t do this, I can’t be in the house all day. I want to punch the walls. I’ve already spot cleaned the carpet, cleaned the kitchen, baked a cake, did all the laundry (washed & folded) and ARGH I feel like I have ants under my skin. I have like … staying home anxiety. 

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skipping2hell said: Top Gear make my everything happy. :D

I KNOW, right? I love them so much. 

darth-necynius said: the prius does suck, the only people I know who drive them are complete smug douches too

It’s a stupid little car and the *only* somewhat good thing about it is how quiet it is. The gas mileage is a joke. They are so proud of themselves for ~saving the environment~  they don’t realize how far their heads are up their asses (makers and drivers of that pos). I’ve had *two* regular, gasoline cars that got better gas mileage than the Prius (Geo Metro and Saturn SL2 - both built in the 90s!!!). The technology to build cars with much better gas mileage is there (just look at Europe), it’s just not what Americans want. Instead they pretend that this ugly ass hybrid is the answer. 

do you wanna hear my shameful secret? I haven’t even watched the second season of Sherlock yet. I own it on DVD. It’s still shrink-wrapped.

I just ate an entire bag of clementines. I feel like I’m gonna pay for this later. New year off to a good start!

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i just ate sooooo much marzipan. feeling slightly ill. 

 I literally just skipped a few minutes of the show because the whole drummer auditioning scene was so fucking embarrassing that is made me sick. I hate awkward shows, dear GOD.

I started watching Freaks and Geeks. I’m not really into it … I guess I’m too old to identify with the high school crowd anymore, not to mention that I didn’t even identify with that crowd when I was that age. But it’s fun to see all those famous actors when they were young and skinny.

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I just found a flea in my tea. This is not some sort of rhyming joke! I made a face!

So Gimp just crashed my computer. I have two shitty laptops (three if you count the one with the cracked screen that I still need to get stuff off of) and none of them can run an image editing program. I think it’s time for another desktop and I think, since I have nothing much else to do, I’m gonna build one. Good, ok. 

I think I want to send my son to a private school this fall. Am I being crazy?

(This turned out long, I’m going to put this under a cut.)

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I have this life-long aversion to schedules, arbitrary rules and monotony. I can’t live in one area for too long, or have the same job for too long (especially if it’s the same fucking thing day in day out). Anyway, what I’m trying to say is, some days, such as today, I really resent having dogs. I don’t WANT to walk them. Don’t look at me like that! Guilt-tripping is NOT COOL you’re a dog I’m your superior!! 

Ok, so I just started watching Pushing Daisies and I … don’t get it. I’ve watched two episodes and it’s so stupid. Trying so hard to be quirky. The only good part is the knitting detective.  

Well, alright, it might be because the girl reminds me of Zoey Deschanel and I hate her stupid face. This *might* be an influence in my snap judgment, but no matter, I don’t get the show and won’t be wasting any more time on it. Off to find something new. 

Uuuuuuughhhgh I hardly slept last night because my kid had a nightmare about zombie and came in to sleep with me and both dogs decided to join! I was too woozy to think straight but I think if that ever happens again I’m gonna go sleep in his room. Worst night in a while, bleh. But he has his first guitar lesson today so yay!

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Can somebody explain to me please why the fuck I stayed up ALL FUCKING NIGHT despite the fact that I promised some friends I’d go shopping with them today and therefore have to walk my dogs earlier than usual? And why I spent that night steaming about my stupid ex-boyfriend, who, I’ve found out, has continued his MO of date’n’dump and then don’t contact again with apparently several girls in the year since we split? 

It shouldn’t concern me anymore, and it should serve as more proof that the whole debacle *wasn’t my fucking fault* but instead it just made me feel stupid all over again for believing his sincere words when we were together. Like I should’ve seen it coming but nobody else around me saw it either. Still. A year later, he still gets to me and fuck, if I fall asleep right now I can still get three hours in.

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I just cried listening to parts of the speech prepared for President Nixon in the event that Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong had to be abandoned on the moon. What is WRONG with me? They made it back yet still I bawled, over a speech that was never even delivered by the speaker intended to give it!