Can’t believe it took me this long to listen to Imagine Dragons. They’re right up there with Linkin Park for fun music. 

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Well, we’re back in our apartment after our brief stay in the woods and my dog is annoying the SHIT out of me. There, he’d wake up every morning at 7am, run out and not come back until it was time to eat dinner. Here, I take him on a one-hour walk a day and a few potty breaks on a leash. He’s sooooooooo upset that we’re back, poor thing. 

Oh well, guess that gives me more motivation to look for a house with a fenced yard to rent. It sure was nice to just have his little ass outside without worry all day :/

Why has nobody ever told me about Farscape??? That’st exactly the kind of scifi cheese I’ve been looking for. 

This “super moon” stuff is bullshit. I looked and it looks exactly the same fucking size. I feel cheated! Last time it was cloudy!

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Finished my House rewatch. What a great show *sheds tear*. Season 8 dragged quite a bit at first, but the last three or four episodes were great again and the ending made it all worthwhile. 

Let’s play a game, it’s called Hey, do I really like these clothes or do I just think they look good because the model is skinny? Because I keep forgetting I’m not skinny anymore and can’t just wear whatever the fuck I want of the rack.

Righty-o, I just sat here for half an hour, squinting hard, because I thought my vision was going blurry from the monitor or something. Turns out I had lotion caught in my lashes and that’s what was obscuring my vision. 


I’m going to sleep.

I keep trying to read the Rita Skeeter article and I just. cannot. get through it. It’s like the magic is just gone :(. Maybe it’s time for a HP reread.

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Just got to ‘the’ Kutner episode. :((

Gonna watch Harold and Kumar to recover.

Just got to the part in House where he needs to hire a new team. All the baby doctors I love! Kutner! Amber! 13! *cries big tears about their futures*

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Had a tooth pulled, a bone graft done and two teeth filled today, so my plan for the night is to finish this bottle of wine, pop another Vicodin and then pass out without brushing my teeth.

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I’m rewatching House and the scene where House, half out of his mind after an induced coma, demonstrates the surgical robot on Cameron is one of the goddamn sexiest scenes in the whole show. How??

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Well, sounds like my neighbors are fucking again. Great. Go them.

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Today, my dog killed a baby bird, one of my tadpoles went belly up for no discernible reason and I gave myself a migraine by not eating enough and then going in the sun. Like I do once a week when it’s hot out, you’d think I knew better by now! So yeah, bit of a downer today. :/

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Ugh, I’m having a mild but escalating anxiety attack over finances. I have this old, OLD (over ten years) student loan that I’ve defaulted upon because I was living out of the country for a while. It’s not huge, less than $4000, and because we’re looking to buy a house now I’ve contacted the collection agency and said I’d be willing to pay of a percentage of the entire amount right away, so they submitted my offer to the company. 

So today I get this SUPER aggressive letter from the original loan company just having a total shit fit and demanding the money or they’ll garnish my wages (what wages?) and it’s just super mean and attacking and I am *willing* to pay the fucking thing, why do they have to be such complete assholes about it? I guess I’ll call them tomorrow and deal with this but in the meantime, I am too freaked out about it to sleep. I fucking hate money. Can I just pay everything off and go live in a hut in Alaska?