So I’m totally still here, on my butt. Ok, but listen! There’s logic to my laziness! Here’s my thought process - I’ve been sitting here for like half an hour, during which my dog has been sleeping. Last time he was out was an hour ago. So I can’t leave now, because it takes me 40 minutes to get to the store and then I want to spend at least a few hours there. So I better take the dog for a walk before I leave so he’ll sleep again and won’t have to go out. But if I do that, I might not have time to go to the store, because it’ll be too late. Or I could go to the music store down the road, because I want to buy a keyboard, and *then* walk the dog and go to the circus to watch the show. Or Or OR OR OR and so my thoughts and reasoning go round and round on the little brain cup ride and in the end I do nothing and waste all my time. ARGHGH. Oh, but the puppy just woke up and is looking at me expectantly, so I better get my ass in gear. Later, taters. 

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