We’re in Greensboro, NC now, and so far I’m liking this town. It helps that we’re within walking distance of the building so I don’t have to take the bus, and within reasonable walking distance of a shopping center with a Barnes & Noble in it. I love my nook but the book selection is rather lame once you leave the fiction section. 

It takes a good 40 minutes to get to the stores and we went and took the puppy along today. He managed it with a lot less whining than my kid, and only asked to be picked up a few times. Now he’s sleeping like a log. I think it’s safe to say that at 3.5 months he’s surpassed my son in physical stamina. 

Next week we’ll be in Richmond, Virgina and after that in Philadelphia. Anybody up there to come visit me? I know we’ll be in a couple of NJ states as well soon. Ringling. com has a tour schedule up.

So yeah … that’s my update. Carry on.